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    Anybody else playing Suhr guitars?

    I got a Classic Pro so I could retire my favorite ever guitar which just turned 21 years old. Wanted something that could take a beating.

    It differs from that guitar quite substantially:
    • Poly coated (many Suhrs are nitro, but I wanted the hard wearing paint)
    • Stainless Steel frets
    • dummy load coils which cut down a lot of noise but still sound good
    • two point bridge
    • locking tuners
    • heel contour
    • 22 frets
    • treble bleed

    It's been interesting. It sounds a bit different (the fundamental note is exceptionally strong, so it sounds higher gain than it really is), the string to string balance is more "perfect" and so I had to change picks to something with a bit less high end. I will say though this guitar stays in tune better than anything else I've ever played, including PRS'. Really impressed and curious if other TFF members have given these guitars a shot and if so what are your thoughts?

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    Re: Suhr

    I haven't played one, but I saw a guitarist in a band in Germany playing one on some Santana songs, and he had one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard. I sure wouldn't turn down a Suhr. They look great too.
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    Re: Suhr

    They had one at my local music store when to go check it out but it was gone. I have heard his guitars are the shizzle never had the pleasure of playing one...

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