I'm planning on putting them in a separate cab, and put the chassis in a head. I have a AB763 style clone with a 15" EV SRO, and a Music Man RD100 with an EVM 15L, so I want something a little easier to move than another heavy combo!
(I don't really need the UL Twin, and I have that project on hold for now).
In my younger days, if you didn't have a Twin, you were looked down on. I remember a job on the 4th, (in 1966), where the leader decided to hire a fiddle, and a steel player for the 3 days. The singer, guitar player, piano player, steel and fiddle all had Twins! Nobody played that loud either!
Don, I found a tool like you showed in my box, guess it came from my father in laws stuff, not sure what he needed it for.