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Thread: Thick SCs?

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    Thick SCs?

    Around March, I'm going to get new pups for the Strat with Burstbuckers. The bridge sounds good, but the neck is too muddy for my ears.

    In fact, I'm going to have the guitar totally re-wired, new capacitors, etc.

    I already get a great vintage sound from my brownie, so what I'm looking for in this Strat is a good, warm and thick tone. I don't really like hot pups.

    What sc pups would you recommend? What pots and capacitors would you recommend?--keep in mind that I don't know shit about electronics, or rather just enough to know what a capacitor and pot are.
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    Re: Thick SCs?

    I would recommend a whole Suhr ML setup, SSC and Treble bleed included.

    Those pickups have the warm/thick thing going on but dont sacrifice detail (which is my number 1 beef with Texas Specials).

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