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Thread: Seeking a hotter pickup for a strat bridge...

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    Seeking a hotter pickup for a strat bridge...

    I'm thinking about replacing the Fat '50s bridge pickup in my red strat for a hotter one, so I can cover more ground when covering hard rock songs.

    A mini humbucker (something like a Seymour Duncan JB) would be outstanding, but what do you think of a milder option, like a Seymour SSL5, I mean a hot single coil instead of a humbucker?

    Would it be REALLY hotter than a fat '50s bridge pickup?

    I am considering this because I would like to have more output without disfiguring my strat's classic tone.

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    Re: Seeking a hotter pickup for a strat bridge...

    I haven't had any luck with hotter pickups while keeping a Strat's tone intact. I like my Strat to sound "pretty".

    I use a clean (or kinda clean) boost instead. In my case, an AMZ Minibooster that I built. It sounds so good that sometimes I don't want to turn it off. I put it before OD pedals and even my germanium fuzz. When I kick it in, I get "more". It's dirtier with my older style amps that are already on edge and louder with a clean efficient, modern amp (I used it at a gig with a friend's Soldano SLO and jumped at the volume boost).

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