Here's another one for y'all, not done and DEFINITELY not the prettiest. It's a true PTP wired Green Russian Big Muff, with a couple tweaks, on Perf. I got burned out on Vero and decided to wire stuff up old school! Plus, I'm trying to learn more about pedals and their design, so PTP helps me make sense of how things connect together.

I took a couple cues from different Muffs and combined them into this. It's basically a Green Russian with a little bit of the Super Collider and Pharaoh thrown in, those are just modded Big Muffs anyway. It's really just a couple parts value changes, nothing crazy. For now I'm sticking with the stock clipping arrangement but might add in an LED or two as I've been liking the way those sound in conjunction with Si diodes like the 914's I normally use.