How the guitar looked when I bought it.

What I had done in 2014/2015

Set of Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Tele pickups

in 2015 I decided to go back and have the pickups that the guy who built it 'Doug' put in, a set of Kent Armstrong stacked Hot Rail Tele Pickups.
and I also wanted a Fishman Power Bridge as this guitar sounds better to record with unplugged than some of my cheaper acoustic guitars.
I bought it for £40.00 in 2007 used from a pawnshop, took it straight to Feline Guitars to have the straplok system I like put on it, where the owner there/my guitar guy immediately recognised this guitar and told me who built it, and where it was built, which was handy, also told me in its current condition was worth closer to £400.00 - In 2009 I had it refretted as it needed it, spent £110 on the refret.
now, in 2016 since late last year/early this year it's had another wood scratch plate put in, a smart chip, battery box (with door) and the Fishman Power bridge and now is an electric and an acoustic guitar.
My guitar as it is today;

I asked when I picked up this guitar this year, how much was it worth 'for insurance purposes' and they said
"This guitar is a custom build in every sense of the word, and they start from £2, 000.00 onwards if you was to build another one."
Not bad for £40.00 in 2007