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Thread: Newbie to Electrics. Pedal Choices?

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    Re: Newbie to Electrics. Pedal Choices?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sérgio View Post
    What model was that MXR?

    I have a Distortion +, but I use it mostly for mild crunchy tones
    It is (or was, it may have disappeared) a 70's Distortion + (brown case). Very creamy distortion, no really hard edges. I liked it a lot, that's why I like the Wampler Velvet Fuzz. Same stuff just more of it.

    I don't usually use pedals, just at times when the urge hits me. The only thing I almost always have plugged in is a Origin Effects Cali76 TX-P. That has just become a necessity to me. It is a compressor that is different than most and opens things up instead of the opposite which would make more sense. On occasion I will add a slapback out of my Providence Delay when reverb is too much or not there or the venue let's me open up past the point where reverb sounds good. After that the pedal board comes out when I am doing a backing track for a new song and need some "other sounds" back there. Then I usually get into looping some ambient stuff (until I realize I suck at it compared to a lot of them on youtubes).

    To the original poster here, give a listen to some youtube demos by some of the ambient guys out there. They review tons of pedals and put out some really good stuff. Andy Othling and Greg's Guitars (guitar and pedal reviews) come to mind.
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