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Thread: That Pedal Show

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    That Pedal Show

    Just in case you haven't heard of it, check out "That Pedal Show" on YouTube. These two guys love everything guitar, amp and pedal related and do these 25-30 minute vids about all kinds of topics. I've been playing electric for more than 35 years and yet I've learned a TON from these guys. The dual amp, "stereo vs. wet/dry" episode was a huge revelation for me in particular. And they're funny as heck too.

    Mick is a bigwig with Guitarist UK magazine and Dan has designed pedalboards for a lot of big time players, and IMO, he's a total genius. Check them out, see what you think!

    YouTube channel link

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    Re: That Pedal Show

    Thanks! Just added it to my bookmarks...

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    Re: That Pedal Show

    I love that show. Every Friday there is a new video. They are very knowledgeable and have great chemistry.
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