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Mr. Sound,

I'm interested in knowing what your type of music is and experience.

For me, a DRRI can - and has - been used for anything from small clubs to outdoor venues with thousands of people. I can't think of a modern situation where I would want any more than a DRRI can deliver for stage volume. Give me a DRRI and a Classic 30 A/B'd and/or in stereo and I'm ready for anything.

Conversely, I haven't found very many uses for a Twin. IMHO, it's a dinosaur relic ( albeit a GREAT sounding one!) from a day when we didn't have the sound systems we do today. And that's coming from a guy who had a surf band at one time. (I sure miss Mikey!)

While I promise to be open-minded, I don't see any value in an amp once it starts to drown out the drums. Many huge concerts are played with small amps, look at Paisley - he uses a TrainWreck.

Also, if you can use a DRRI for home use - your wife is more tolerant than mine. They're loud little suckers. I rarely gig with mine past 3, and some people here who have seen and heard me will attest that at 3 it's killing them in a live setting.

I think Princeton's are lovely little amps but can be a little hard to mix into the stage. Fun for rehearsals or recording though.

My favorite Fender for recording is far and away the Champ. THAT's the sound of my 70's guitar heroes.

It's all good, as long as you dig what you dig we got your back!
Marty Stuart, and his guitar partner Kenny Vaughan both use Fender Princeton's live.