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    Fender Mustang

    I've been handed down a 1967 Fender Mustang circa 1967

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    Re: Fender Mustang

    Quote Originally Posted by Precisionbrown View Post
    I've been handed down a 1967 Fender Mustang circa 1967
    I wanted to show some pictures but I'm mobile so I guess I can't.
    Anyway I have to hate (dislike) the tremelo system because it goes outta tune after a few riffs. I'm guessing I'm not one with this problem. Right?

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    Re: Fender Mustang

    Unfortunately, I don't know the answer to your question- I owned a 1966 Mustang but that was back in the '80s. It stayed in tune for normal playing but I never had the vibrato arm so I never used the vibrato.

    I just wanted to welcome you to the forum and say that I look forward to seeing pics of the guitar.

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    Re: Fender Mustang

    Congrats on scoring that SWEET axe!

    With the demise of the Fender Discussion Page, I just found this forum. Forgive me if you already solved your problem, but I had a similar issue and wanted to share what worked for me.

    I have a MIJ Cobain Mustang. Same tailpiece/vibrato assembly as yours, but with a Fenders Adjusto-matic bridge. When I first got it, it went out of tune if you even LOOKED at the vibrato bar-forget even touching the bar!

    I took it for a set-up and asked the luthier to shim the neck a bit, tighten down the lipstick tube as far as it would go without the strings touching the back of the bridge, moving the trem springs to the notch farthest down the post. These steps all increased tension, which very low with a short scale guitar. He also replaced the stock string retainer with a lower friction variety from the American Standard series.

    I can now use the bar within reason without it going horribly out of tune every time. It sometimes will even come out of a dive bomb in reasonable tune. My guess is that your vintage Mustang would work at least as well or better.

    Mine came with a Fender synthetic bone nut, so, if yours is plastic, you may want to consider switching it out for something with less friction like synthetic bone, real bone or a GraphTec nut. I asked the Luthier to install a Graphtec on my Mustang, but he said the stock Fender synthetic bone nut was pretty good and not to bother. He did file some of the slots out a bit to reduce friction.

    Also, I use .10 gauge strings and that is pushing it-I wouldnt go lower than that. They work fine, but the short scale on a Mustang means super light gauge strings can feel like rubber bands in standard tuning and may not create enough string tension for good tuning stability.

    Everything mentioned is easily reversible, so worth a shot.
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    Re: Fender Mustang


    Thanks, OS.

    Hadn't looked at the date.
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    Re: Fender Mustang

    Welcome, Ricey. Just FYI, this is a four year-old thread...

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