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Thread: Low volume on Princeton Reverb. Both inputs

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    Low volume on Princeton Reverb. Both inputs


    I plugged in a Danelectro Cool Cat Chorus and got a hum in the amp. I think I plugged the cables in correctly, IN from guitar and OUT to amp. Got a loud hum. Reversed the cables. (I know, so don't say it....) still a hum. However, there is now low volume output with direct plug in and on both inputs. And the amp was fine yesterday. I must have damaged something, but no idea what.

    Need Help.

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    Re: Low volume on Princeton Reverb. Both inputs

    Hello Guitarflunky
    Check for good connection at connector P19 after the input jacks. If that is ok then verify V1, try another 12AX7 type tube.

    I should have asked which Princeton Reverb and what year? That could be important.
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