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Thread: Strat single coils?

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    Strat single coils?

    Hi folks.
    Can anyone recommend a good sounding single coil for a strat please?
    I've got a '91 Strat Plus with the 3 gold lace sensors but I'd like to try something different with more of a "vintage" vibe/sound?
    Someone recommended the Wilkinsons and rated them highly.Anyone have any experience with them?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Re: Strat single coils?

    Only pickups of theirs I've played were in a bass, sounded pretty good. I do love their hardware though!

    Don't laugh, but the "Slick" line of pups GFS is selling are pretty damn good! I've used their Tele leads and flat pole Strat pups. They really are great sounding pickups at a good price.

    If you wanna spend more there's a plethora of booteek builders. They may be old hat, but Lindy Fralin and The Seymour Duncan Antiquities are always good.
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