I've been scouring the web looking for deals and am glad I waited til Black Friday/Cyber Monday. First I scored a nice AllParts neck that was lightly relic'd. 7.25" radius, all Maple, and cheap at $140. Guitar Fetish was blowing stuff out so I picked up 2 bodies, a Slick Brand overwound bridge pup, and some Wilkinson hardware.

IDK if you guys remember, but the last Tele I built used one of their Pawlina bodies in gold sparkle. It REALLY sounds good, kinda reminds me of pine. That one I used a Voodoo TE-59 in the bridge. With this one though I'm thinking of going with an A3 lead pup. Wanting more "Keef" as opposed to "Page".

I'll post pics when the parts arrive, which should be end of next week.

Hope everyone has been doing well! Take care and we'll be RAWKIN soon.