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Thread: Decision time: Jaguar for small hands/fingers?

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    Decision time: Jaguar for small hands/fingers?

    As I mentioned in earlier thread(s), I wanted to get another Fender Jaguar (decided not to go for a real Vintage Jag ... because of $$$), so :

    1. I used to own an older Jag .... felt great way back when.
    2. Would a recent (modern) Jaguar give me the same feel/touch?
    3. I am thinking of a Jag which would have a thin and narrow neck ... small hands/fingers: is this possible?

    Am I looking into the right type of Fender?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Edit: I've been looking around a bit more and found a few confusing facts about what is available out there in terms of "neck" shapes: but this is really getting me even more confused. "Way back when", that wasn't a problem: you'd try the guitar and if it felt good, buy it.
    Now that I live far from any large city where Fenders can be purchased, I have to make an educated decision before travelling a few hours to get one.
    One seller said that they have quite a few Fenders at their store but did not confirm that they have one that would have a "thin and narrow" neck.
    What to do?? What do I ask from the seller: C, D, V, U neck shape?
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