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Thread: TMG Guitars

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    TMG Guitars

    I've been listening to the 60 Cycle Hum podcast and the way they talk about TMG it sounds like their guitars are sprinkled with pixie dust. I've never played one, but they just seem to be Fender clones. I can see spending a lot of money on a custom archtop, but a partsocaster? What am I missing? Are we just talking about upgraded components? What does a company like this offer that the Fender Custom Shop doesn't?

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    Re: TMG Guitars

    I have no experience with that brand, but will say this: Guitars are built with wood and various other parts. You can easily assemble a decent guitar that doesn't cost that much, and you can also drop a ton of coin and get a turd. Beings we are dealing with wood, selection of decent pieces helps. We are dealing with Fender bolt necks, so take that for what you will. I can't tell you what is right or wrong, I know what I like from experimenting.

    Usually, small custom shops build most of the stuff from scratch or sub contract out to other companies that do. It is more "artisinal" than a bigger shop with automated machines. Is it better? IDK. Machines are usually more consistent than a person with power tools. But then, the machine is only as good as the person who programs it...

    I know I'm sort of playing Devil's Advocate, but at the end of the day what I think shouldn't sway how you feel about this subject. Most of the cost with these types of guitars is in the labor and finishing. Some guys HAVE to have certain details that many of us don't worry about. Others want weird odd ball stuff that no one offers, so it has to be a one off.

    Best answer? See if you can play them side by side, or at least listen to demos. Then see if you can hear a difference. Sometimes, it's just a "feel" thing. Other times, it's buying an "image" or a "name". But at the end of the day, it's whatever makes you happy and allows you to play your best. Never let someone else rain on your parade.
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    Re: TMG Guitars

    YIKES do a search of TMG guitars & you find a lot of drama.
    I don't care what name is on the headstock. If anyone wants to own a "parts guitar" nowadays there are enough options & suppliers out there that you can build/assemble whatever model & style you want relatively inexpensively. All that chicanery is not necessary.

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    Re: TMG Guitars

    Anybody who pays five large for a screw-together guitar is a mark, a pigeon, no matter whether that guitar came from a con artist like "Taylor" McGrath or the Fender Custom Shop.

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