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Thread: Praise for Callaham

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    Gravity Jim

    Praise for Callaham

    Putting a Callaham block in my Zencaster was one of the greatest improvements in the guitars response, but because of a cosmetic decision I used some kind of Asian-made Kahler-style (no plastic tip, smooth rounded end) trem arm that I found at a guitar show. It had the right thread but was always just a hair loose in the Delrin bushing. Over the years that little bit of slop got a little bigger til I couldn't take it anymore.

    So I e-mailed Callaham and asked about replacement bushings. They patiently answered my questions about a $1 item, and when I wrote at one point that I'd like to have one of their Virtual Pop-In Arms but couldn't hack the white plastic tip, they said they could make me a custom, no-tip, polished version.

    I called and ordered two bushings and a custom version of their '60s arm. The guy I spoke to (possibly Bill) said, "Well... If we don't get that arm made for you today, then first thing in the morning for sure." (!!!) The order shipped the next day, 3-day Priority.

    The parts are so perfectly machined, the trem works better than ever, and the arm looks and feels better than imagined. So, that's all... just wanted to give a shout-out to a really small business that has customer service all figured out.

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    Re: Praise for Callaham

    Nice service! I really like the Callaham bridge in my Strat!

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