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Uncle Wade's Super Secret Fender tremolo set up.... It's so easy it's STUPID!

Go and find you an old leather belt. You know, a standard thickness and one that you don't mind taking a 3" hunk out of to make it just long enough to fit under the bridge. Dump your wammy bar down and slip that piece of leather just under the back of the bridge so it holds the bridge off the body. The leather won't scratch or damage the instrument either, OK.... Tune to pitch with each string. Then adjust your springs within the body cavity with the instrument vertical (like in a playing position) and do the adjustment real easy. As you near the right bit of tension the small piece of leather will gently fall from the instrument. When it does this, you're all set with a floating bridge. The 3" hunk of leather weighs very little and it will have just enough heft to it to fall away on it's own when the setting is right. Is that easy or what???

Another reason to keep that strip of leather around is when you go to change strings, before you do, slip the leather under the back of the bridge again and then you can remove all the strings. Clean the board. And string up with very little effort to get back into tune and not be winding tons of excess string on the pegs in the process. Makes for super fast string changes with a "floater"....

When in luthier school they taught us to use a block wedge in the body cavity to hold the spring block in place, but that was always inconsistent and a pain in the ass to use. I thought of this leather trick one day when I cut up an old belt for a razor strop and the cut off end was sitting there and the ideal popped into me head. Guess I just hated wasting stuff too!

This trick works wonders when you change string gauges too. Cuts the set up time down to almost nothing!

And to think that I used to charge $45 to do this (strings included in a basic setup) at the shop using my belt tip trick.
I like this, I have been using credit cards instead of leather.