Dat's a whole lotta gitfiddles! And cases, even gigbags, are a must for the instrument. I admire your commitment to your instruments. Well done old chap. Mustang eh? interesting, I'll have to weigh that. I almost did what I think redicioulious by creating one of those posts saying "Which guitar, help me decide". I hate those posts as the OP really knows what he wants to get. He's mearly showing off saying he's got money to burn and wants the others to fawn over his selfimposed "problem". I'm not built that way. I really can afford just one. Strats are everywhere, true enough. Mustangs, not so much. I'll know in a couple of weeks when I pull one down from the wall, plug in, and play some Bach. If it stands "the fugue and wail test" then we'll know. 24" scale and a 12" radius fretboard does sound intriguing doesn't it? Either way, I feel the need to feed my Squier Bullet Addiction. I do love dem Bullets!