WOW-- there are some really elaborate feats of engineering posted here---

I tried pedals before-- bought and sold many-- they typically last 10 minutes--they tended to waste my time and energy--or I found the function or features or SOUND to be crap--

I find my tone is simple a guitar into a Mesa-- adjust gain and reverb to suit-- or guitar into PEavey 112 Bandit-- and done
my bass tone is similar-- though I have a MULTIPEDDLE by digitech for bass that models amps (I cant say how accurately Ive never HEARD most the models in person) -- and has a drum machine in it---I use that-- the rest is IMHO crap--

I recently however was COAXED by members of another forum to TRY using the (2) pedals I had (Joyo Ultimate Drive and EH HOLY GRAIL reverb) and I purchased a Compression pedal -- (again owned two before I flipped traded or sold within days of getting)

We will see---how this goes-- so far I have not reboxed and shelved the compressor-- Im giving it a true "try" but ---Im also not SOLD on it either -- its a "subtle" difference--- and well-- Im not a pro--Im a home player/hack-so if it just ads more work or time to the equation and takes away from my playing time--- I dont care for it---

I play to relax and destress and to keep form choking the living shite out of A$$HATS in my life--- its WAY cheaper than therapy way less "invasive" than prison--- so --- I try and make my pedal board and my gear in general -- simple -- and easy to just plug n play