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Thread: Finally got me som TV Jones :D

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    Finally got me som TV Jones :D

    I've been wanting a set of these for years! The price has put me down though, and that i've not really had a legitimate use for them...
    But now i managed to put together a small rockabilly band with a few work mates and some gigs are coming up, just sold an electronic drum kit i had in the closet and i pulled the trigger!

    Still honeymooning but damn i can just strum chords for days!
    I also was a bit sceptic to the low output since i've never really tried anything like these before, but when they dont muddy up no matter how hard i punish that guitar i understand why they are so popular!

    I also got so giddy when i was done installing them that i forgot to put on the pickguard and left it at work :P but i almost like it more like this.. What do you think?

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    Re: Finally got me som TV Jones :D

    Any updates? I had a bass pup from that sounded good, wish I had had a better bass to put it in tho. But Mr Jones and Co. make a nice pickup!
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