I have been using some of the lighter - less expensive Carvin eqpt for about 2 years now.

I have a 12 ch powered mixer with 4 400 watt amps and 4 of the light pm12's which I sometimes use as small mains, or as monitors -

I have a LS1801 sub and just ordered a 2nd one.

I have to say this has been pretty good eqpt. No real issues, and a little learning curve on limitations, with just as much learning what else I can do with what I have.

I know a lot of other stuff out there works fine, sounds great - much even sounds better I am sure - but with that said - bang to buck......this is pretty good stuff for a basic working band - small to med sized rooms.

I add a QSC GX5 sometimes for added headroom to monitors, just got a used Crest 1500 amp to augment the mains if needed and have 3 JBL JRX 115s, (I use one for the drummer now - to add some kick) and 2 of the JBL JRX112s as monitors, or sometimes mains. Mix and match for a good setup.

All of this allows me to leave a setup at the Jam if needed, and take what is needed for outside gigs, sound jobs, or whatever. When we do shows at the central Delaware blues venue - the sound has been improving tremendously and is easy to manage which was my whole goal of keeping the powered mixer and minimizing outboard effects, racks, etc.

In all - the Carvin equipment has been a really steady-eddy dependable addition to what I had.

any of you guys using Carvin stuff and have any comments?

I also have considered a set of PM15s - rated similar to the JRX115sa but at about half the weight. I think $219 ea shipped right now