I had some fun today trying out something I've been meaning to do for a long time.... moving the front end of my guitar rig into the control room, so that I can control both the amp head and the console at the same time, while plugging into and mixing one of the four cabs I've currently got in the live room. It's set up like this:

This is really the hot set-up. I can dial in guitar tones listening to them through the monitors, in the mix, and keep an eye on pre-amp levels as I go. So wicked! I finally understand why I saw so many amps heads in control rooms. Next up is to get a Radial JDX Reactor... that way you can record the amp by mic and direct at the same time. Sweet.

Also installed the third SSD in my Mac. Now there's a Control drive (OS and apps), a Samples drive (virtual interment data and samples) and a Projects drive (current work), all solid state. Oh. My. God. Like a whole new computer. The speed is blinding, everything runs so clean and smooth. This is the best Saturday in a long time.