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Thread: Speaker Cables

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    Speaker Cables

    I have a set of M-Audio AV40 desktop monitors that I use with my iMac (GarageBand and LOGIC Pro 9). What is the best connection method for this setup? Should I use the TRS or the RCA inputs at the speakers? Regarding either configuration what are the best quality cables/connectors? Should the individual connectors (either RCA or TRS) be mono or stereo?


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    Re: Speaker Cables

    Either input will work just the same. The plug going into the speaker should be mono, unless they are setup as a stereo in on one speaker with a "link" to the other side.

    Why not look up the specs? TRS can be used also even if the inputs are mono. Are you using an interface or coming straight out of the computer? You didn't mention in your post.
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