Okay, here we are! On the left is my Thinline with a GFS vintage output rail pup, which sounds pretty darn nice! I am VERY pleased with how it sounds, I'm sure a Barden or something else would sound better than it, but I like what I have. On the right is my Hondo that I'm rebuilding for a friend that I made a trade with. We went with a GFS Mean 90 as it got rave reviews in a shootout of HB sized P90. It will get wired up sort of like a Gretsch, it'll have a mini toggle as a "blow switch". Meaning one way will be the pup straight to the jack, and the other direction will access the controls. I'm also going to wire up the 3 way selector to switch between tone caps.

Overall, I think the newer GFS stuff is decent enough. I wouldn't put them in the same league as more expensive or "booteek" offerings, but they are pretty good and get the job done. I guess I'd classify them as middle of the road and able to get the job done.

I will admit though, I am interested in trying the new Slick models of pups they've come out with. It might just be a marketing ploy on their part, but I figure that even if they do suck I'm only out $35