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Thread: Stolen gear-Baytown, TX

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    Stolen gear-Baytown, TX

    This was my CL post, before it got flagged.

    No body likes their gear stolen. So help a fellow musician out. Reward amount will be given when I receive my gear.

    1. Fender Stratocaster. Made in USA. California Series. Sunburst. All original w/Fender deluxe gig bag. Serial #AMXN719263

    2. Tradition Michael Batio Signature w/signature on back of headstock written with a sharpie. Has signature and year (2001). Was in a Roadrunner gig bag. There is no serial number. I have not seen another like it in the Houston area. I checked on the MAB website and everyone that had one lived elsewhere. So if you have seen someone with a guitar like this, then it's probably mine.

    3. Homemade pedal board made from plywood and painted black. Had 5 pedals all connected with a power supply. Pedals include: Crybaby wah, Korg Pitchblack, Visual Sound Jekyll & Hyde overdrive and distortion pedal, Behringer noise reduction, and BBE Sonic Stomp. I never took pictures of my pedal board, but you can look up any of these on the web for pics.

    I don't really have high hopes of getting any of this back, but it's worth a try.
    Was stolen from my apartment on Baker Drive in Baytown between 8/27/10 and 8/29/10.

    All of this stuff can be replaced. It is material objects. But when you have things for a long time you kind of get attached to it. These thieves not only took my gear, but took a part of me with it. I almost quit playing altogether. But someone told me that "You can take away the guitar, but you can't take away the player".

    This is a post from 2010 that I'm reposting here. Trying to catch the thieves sleeping on the job.

    Call me if you have information about any of this gear. 281-739-1096

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    Re: Stolen gear-Baytown, TX

    Good luck. I'll keep my eyes open.
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