I usually never cross-post between here & the LPF but this recent development in my playing has me pretty excited.
So I string up my CS-336 w/a set of "light" (lol) gauge flatwounds for a gig last week. I didn't change a thing on the guitar. The guitar sat in the stand all night because I was afraid to play it. The action was so high it made me sweat! And forget about bending strings.
So the local guitar player & music store owner comes up & says, "What gives?" & I tell him the story. He picks up the guitar & can see the bow in the neck even before sighting it down the edge. He's like, "Lower the action, pull in the truss rod..."
So I do it & now I can't put it down. This guitar plays like a dream, like what I imagined a jazz guitar would feel like when I was just a kid.
Now I'm eyeballing my Fender guitars. I've already lowered the bridge on my Telecaster, & I've almost always preferred a high action on my Fenders. I thought they sounded better that way, & they probably did for the stuff I was playing at the time. Now I want something else.
How has your approach to playing changed the way you set up your guitar?