So I decided to go for a strat-type guitar/project with 2 humbuckers. Been wanting to do this for quite a while, and the planning took a lot of thought. Did not want Floyd Rose/locking nuts, etc... but more of a guitar along vintage lines with some nice parts.
The fun about strat guitars is you can basically take out the loaded scratchplate and put another one in to change the tone. This guitar was inspired a little by Jeff Beck's strat and a particular tone I was hearing in my head. I did not want to duplicate the JB, but just to look at what I wanted or not. The clincher came to decide whether to go for Fender Hot Noiseless pu's, John Suhr's or similar, or a pair of nice HB's. For now I decided on the latter and I'm more than happy :)
The LSR nut is a good alternative for a locking nut from my experience - if the setup behind the nut is right - and I feel the classic trem can still do a lot, enough for me.

Here's the parts and specs:

Musikraft alder 2 piece body, '60's type in Olympic White.
Asymmetrical neck heel/contour.
Musikraft quartersawn maple neck with a Braz fb.
LSR nut, no string trees.
22 Jumbo frets.
Light tint nitro finish neck, medium 'C' shape, real clay dot markers.
10-12 compound radius.
Callaham trem and s/steel screws.
Gotoh vintage-style adjustable height tuners, rock solid shaft, Magnum lock.
3-way switch (wanted it simple).
1 Tone, 1 vol, '50's wiring, Sozo .022uF cap.
The killswitch is basically a vandal-proof push switch.
Bare Knuckle EVHII pickups, nickel covers, F-spaced.
WD parchment scratchplate.
Asymmetrical neck plate.
Custom decal.

Here's before: