Thanks for your help guys. You steered me into the right areas for me to reasearch and find out what this thing is and let me tell you what I found.

This guitar is a CIC Strat SE Model from the "Strat Pack SE" bundle that Squier/Fender sells. This is the upgraded, deluxe version of the Affinity Strat Pack they sell. (The Affinity is very basic with good necks but a lot more chintze feel and sound) The Affinity pack gets you the small neck and thinner body for "beginners". The SE however gets you pretty much a "Deluxe Standard Strat" with a regular size Strat Body and a "C" shaped , small headstock 21 fret neck. There is a 2010 SE Strat Pack ebay in Artic white with a pearloid pickguard
that was (except for the color) is exactly like mine and the Squier page has the exact same package on the site if you know where to look. I didn't know where to look I guess. LOL

As for the year and serial number, CXS on these indicates "made in China, AXL Factory" and the year of manufacture on mine is "2000-represented by the 00's after CXS and the 1 in the first 4 digits of the serial number.

The ones that come from the AXL factory are actually pretty rare as most of them come from the YAKO plant. AXL picks up the overflow and don't produce as many of these 'premium" Stratpack models as they do the YAKO models. This guitar is actually the Johnson/AXL Standard Strat that they manufactured from around 1999 up to 2007. I own a Johnson by AXL JT100 with a natural finish and maple/maple neck. I discovered that all of the hardware on both are the same. The electronics a pretty close to the same- the AXL's had better switches and better pots, jacks etc. than those original Johnsons that came out of China. They also came with pickups designed(possibly manufactured ) by EMG that are really good sounding pickups for the price-a little less power but as good sounding as some of the vintage GFS's or Golden Age Pickups that Stew Mac sells. As a matter of fact, the only real difference in AXL models and CIC Squier model is the headstock and the skunk stripe on the Johnson/AXL model. I plan to replace the small 250k pots on it with big can 500k CTS pots with an Orange Tone Cap. I'm also gonna install a Fender 5-way switch in the place of the factory one. I am gonna' keep the pickups however because I like the sound and the relatively low magnetic pull.

I often wonder what "beginner guitar" actually means as a descriptor for this particlar Stratpack as this guitar is easily as good as the mexican standard Fenders or even some of the Hwy 1's I've played. At age 50 and having played as long as i have, I have long since discovered that professionalism is in the hands of the musician.

Yes this was a damn nice $75 find and with the little tweaks, she's gonna' be one hell of a player when I finish with it. Here's a link to and Ebay page that I founf the same guitar in white. Thanks guys for the help : )