When I was an audio consultant with Sam Goody back in 1980 I bought a pair of AR 11B's - what I felt were (arguably) the best bookshelf speaker of the day. They have begun to sound like crap. I had to replace the woofers about 5 years ago, and now I think either the tweeters or midrange drivers are shot - or maybe the crossovers. In any case, I figure that speaker technology has improved so much, it might not make any sense to invest more money into them. I've been leaning towards a set of studio monitors to replace them. In particular, these really caught my eye... or these; especially with the matching subwoofer (or this one) subwoofer#2.

I really have a critical ear and wonder if I'd be better off looking at regular audio speakers, or setting up the man cave with studio electronics instead so I cxan also get a better sound when I'm recording. Opinions?

Feel free to share your thoughts!