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Thread: PA Speaker Cabinet building?

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    PA Speaker Cabinet building?

    I'm looking ahead for a winter project and wanted to add/build a subwoofer to my PA system. I came across this site (link below) and wanted to know opinions on the design, as it seems much different from main stream cabinets.

    loud speaker design

    Also looked at the wedgehorn monitor, if it does what it says, that might be a good project also.

    Can you speaker guys take a look and give me your thoughts?

    or could you recommend a good sub? My tops are peavey PR15's with one side of a Crown XLS602 driving it, so it's 600w @ 4ohms. What kind of power should I be looking at to match a sub?


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    Re: PA Speaker Cabinet building?

    A 2009 post but just in case some else needs info. Al at can help you select drivers and has Eminence speaker design software. Use 13 ply no void baltic birch wood. Use Tight Bond glue and #8 screws. I built my first PA speaker cabinet in 1971 and have been building since.

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