Need your help with this one, folks. Just picked this amp/cab up for a song off the craig's list. Maybe it'll clean up/sound good one of these days as a speaker cabinet, maybe not..

Wilder Amplifiers, made in chicago during the 60s and 70s, solid state. Looks like this:

The power supply for the solid state amp (which I have but which is a MESS) was on the bottom of the speaker cab before someone gutted it, and the amp hooked up to the cab via this six-prong cable thing.

Anyway, can someone help me identify the speakers? The owner told me that one needed to be reconed, although even the 'good' one sounded pretty bad to me.

This may have been fairly high end stuff at some point, so if anybody can tell me what these speakers look like, are they worth having someone look at , recone, etc, that'd be great.