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Thread: Jeff Beck's Strat

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    Re: Jeff Beck's Strat

    Quote Originally Posted by Offshore Angler View Post
    IMNSHO, Jeff Beck's brilliance was not in his hands. It came from his head. He was an innovator, always searching while managing to be musical at the same time.

    He used all the parts of his instrument and explored what each could do to add to his sonic palette. In a world where so many guitar players have no clue what the volume and tone controls are for on a guitar he showed us they are just as important as the strings. He played the WHOLE guitar, even using the trem springs to sculpt his sound.

    He left beauty in the world through his imagination.

    Genius through and through.
    Part of his innovation came from how he used his hands, rational choice and innate ability in cooperation. Silly to argue one over the others: obviously thought, emotion, and physicality work together. Innovation is a result.
    If we'd known we were going to be the Beatles, we'd have tried harder.--George Harrison

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    Re: Jeff Beck's Strat

    I have no idea what’s coming in newer Fenders, and never played a Professional (which is what they’re calling the US standard line).

    But my 2013 AmStd has a Switchcraft Jack, Oak Grigsby switch, Fat 50s pups allegedly built in their custom shop, CTS pots… nicely built neck and body with perfect neck pocket fitting, good frets and played well right out of the box. I can’t complain and it is FAR more guitar than the two Gibson SG 61RIs I owned, and nukes all the cheaper guitars I’ve come across.

    Maybe the standards fell after that period, or mine is another one that slipped QC

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