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Thread: red knob the twin techinfo required

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    red knob the twin techinfo required

    1.Can any body help me to find circuit diagraam, spec of potmeters etcc
    in order to repair a red knob the twin ? thanks much
    2. Is it possible to modify ( other tubes, transfo?) to bring down
    the power eg make it a 40Watt amp to use at full power; The 100W
    version goes to loud and moving out 2 inner tubes or the swich
    to reduce the power to 25W gives no good sound anymore

    thanks a lot !


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    Re: red knob the twin techinfo required

    Hi Hans!

    Here's a schematic of the red knob "The Twin" courtesy of The Blue Guitar:
    Several guitars in different colors
    Things to make them fuzzy
    Things to make them louder
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    Re: red knob the twin techinfo required

    dead link

    I own a red knob twin, but can not find any of my schematics and the required info to keep the old girl running. so I would appreciate anything you guys may have on these love hate amps.

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    Re: red knob the twin techinfo required

    Maybe because you responded to a thread 1.5 decades old LOL.

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