Anybody living in the NJ/NYC area be on the lookout for a stolen Fulltone Tube Tape Echo, serial number 01197 (I think...I'm going on memory). It's in a custom made black Rock Hard Road Case ATA flight case with various Mogami cables and a Boss two-button footswitch. It might even still have the "Dirty Sweet" stickers on the outside of the case.

The story is...

My band, Dirty Sweet (San Diego, CA) was on tour this past fall...our trailer was broken into on 11/18/07 at The Days Inn just outside of the Lincoln tunnel in North Bergen, NJ. Luckily, the cops showed up as the guy was going through our trailer. However, the thief got into his car before the cop could get out, rammed the patrol car and got a stolen red Jeep Cherokee! Pretty crazy story. The police still haven't caught the guy!

Any info would be highly appreciated.

Contact the North Bergen Police at (201)392-2100 Report # 7057350

Thank you,