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Thread: who here owns and american series jazz?

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    who here owns and american series jazz?

    I'm really leaning towards and american series jazz now. I've both the jazz and stingray a lot, and like the neck on the jazz a lot more. Ir's got a great tone as well. If I buy one, it will be my main bass for a long time, so want to make the right choice. Who here uses it as their main bass?

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    Re: who here owns and american series jazz?

    lets see, how about some guy named Jaco?
    Geddy Lee...tons of others...
    If you're more into the neck of the Jazz, go for it...
    a more comfortable neck will drive you to play more.
    At that level, there really isn;t a wrong choice, just different ones.
    Go for it and enjoy, and make sure you show pictures...
    "Do you call sleeping with a guitar in your hands practicing?"
    "It is if you don't drop it."
    - Trent Lane, Daria, Episode 1-2.

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    Re: who here owns and american series jazz?

    Had a P-Bass for a long time, then I tried a Jazz Bass. Had to get one, primarily for the neck, it was much easier for me to play on, and found out I played it more. The one you like more will be the one you want.

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    Re: who here owns and american series jazz?

    I have the Jaco sig jazz, and it plays great.

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    Re: who here owns and american series jazz?

    I've got a `95 Am Std LP Blue and it's a very versatile Bass ,
    No need for everything maxed for good Tone .
    I modded it a bit ,Schaller lite Tuners and a Hipshot Kickass Bridge.
    and it made it even better . A parallel /series probably soon.
    I like the unfussy 2 Vol and 1 Tone config and the quiet pups.
    A basic Bass ,but a good one .Tomastik Infeld Rounds are my choice of strings.
    Funny, I wanted to get another one in Olympic White but you don't see them for Sale
    So what does that say? When , they go for about €1600 . G'Luck.

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