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Back in those days Don, old Fender amps weren't "Vintage"!
I was looking to pick up another guitar amp for my practice room about that time, and our local store offered me an "old" Blackface Twin for $200. I bought it, and passed it along to a guitar player a few months later. I was playing drums back then, and collecting amps never crossed my mind!
They were in my neck of the woods by 1990, though prices hadn't gone crazy yet. Getting an old blackface Fender amp was a big deal. I paid top dollar for my amp- $325! My wife thought I was nuts paying that for a 24 year old thing.

I was playing blues (still am) and my 1981 Fender Concert 4-10 (bought used for $300 in 1982) wasn't cutting it- clean channel was too clean, dirty channel was too dirty. I needed some grit so I bought the VR. It worked well, but still needed an OD pedal to get me where I wanted. What I really needed was tweed. It was another 25 years before I figured that out.