This in from Th' Legendary Shack Shakers dated 10/27:

Around noon today our trailer was stolen in Nashville.. ALL of our gear was in it including my custom White Falcon and the weathered Orange 6120 Gretsch.
Mark lost a red Doublebass Road King and a Fender precision electric bass.
Jd lost his 59 reissue Bassman and a hi powered tweed twin.
I lost my blonde Fender Supersonic head/ 4 12 cabinet , my 55 watt Germino LV Head , and an Ampeg super rocket 2x12. I had a Fulltone OCD pedal, ibanez tube screamer, boss blues driver and sever boss tuners. The cab and ampeg were in R&R (anvil style cases) spray painted " destroyers" . Ther Germino was in an Anvil head case.

Mark's amps were Fender Pro 1200 head and two Fender 8x10 cabinets. His head and Korg tuner were in a white "Star" brand road case.

There was also a full double kick Pearl drum kit and tons of merch, cables ect ect.. Ill have all serial numbers later but 95% of this is one of a kind gear.. Please copy and paste this in any board you can to get the word out there...

Im in in shock .. please help us find this!!
thanks a million..
big luv
david lee