My poor friend joe... I hate to see the sadness in his eyes every morning when he comes to work... Email me from my profile if you see this thing. Thanks, Photo..

Here it is in his words...
Hey, folks.

I had a 1965 Pro Reverb on its way to me. Serial number on the Pro is A04517.

UPS was supposed to deliver the amp on the 23rd, and it was marked as "out for delivery" that morning.

However, it was not delivered, and UPS has no idea where it is. Of course, it was insured, so it won't be a complete loss, but quite a frustration. Unfortunately, it'll be hard to get another Blackface Pro Reverb for the insured amount.

Seems to me that it has quite possibly been stolen. Either from the warehouse or from the truck.

Anyway, if you see a sort of beat-up blackface Pro Reverb floating around with serial number A04517, I'd appreciate any info.