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Thread: Gear stolen in NYC!

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    Gear stolen in NYC!

    Brian Jonestown Massacre, Mahogany Gear Stolen!
    Caroline Bermudez reports:

    Two more outfits were hit last week in New York City: the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Mahogany. Looks like these thieves love indie rock.

    On Sunday night, before a CMJ performance at the Bowery Ballroom in Chinatown, neo-psychedelic hedonists the Brian Jonestown Massacre had their van and their trailer containing all of their equipment stolen. Little Radio, the internet radio station where BJM frontman/frazzled genius Anton Newcombe is a DJ, is asking fans to keep an eye out at pawn shops, music stores, and eBay for the following missing equipment:

    * Gretch 1960s round badge drum kit-turquoise (kick drum has the BJM logo on it)
    * Fender Bassman 1960s blackface head (the 'B' is blackened out so that it says "assman")
    * 1970s silverface Fender Twin amp
    * 2 Fender Twin reissue black face amps (one has a sticker on the front that reads "Masonic")
    * Red Rickenbacker bass
    * 12-string 1960s Gibson ES-335 guitar
    * Vox Cheetah guitar- maroon
    * Vox 12-string Phantom guitar-- black and white
    * Vox 12-string Starstreamer guitar- sunburst teardrop shape
    * Rickenbacker 12-string 360 guitar- black and white
    * Epiphone 6-string- sunburst guitar
    * Telecaster guitar ("not sure the details of it")

    There is no word as to whether the BJM will continue touring.

    We wish that were the end, but it's not. While performing at Rothko on the Lower East Side last Tuesday, dream pop act Mahogany had equipment stolen from their Brooklyn studio. Worse yet, the computer containing all the songs for their upcoming Darla album Connectivity! was taken as well. In an email to Pitchfork, frontman Andrew Prinz wrote, "We have a plan in place already to make up for the lost material, but it would be great if we could recover the stolen equipment." Here's a list of Mahogany's missing gear:

    * Macintosh G5 w/ MOTU PCI card installed
    * Micromoog synthesizer with specific mods
    * Akai MPC 2000 with 8 outputs
    * Mackie 32*4 mixer
    * Fender P-Bass, cream
    * Techtronix 11x17 flatbed image scanner with transparency adapter
    * Audio Technica AT 4060, no power supply
    * 747 audio cr-176 (silver tube mic, 70s?, no brand logo, cr1-76 printed below screen. roll off and pad, omni/cardioid, 7 pin connector. Very, very few of these are in the US. Part of a stereo pair. No power supply)
    * Akg D112
    * Ampex (like sm57 w/ 4pin connector)
    * Beyer m201
    * Beyer m380 (black w/ 'Disney' engraving)
    * Electrovoice 635a
    * MXL v69me (no power supply or accessories)
    * Oktava mc012 (w/ pad, omni and cardiod. part of stereo pair)
    * RFT dm 622 (small ruggedly built blue dynamic w/ large tuchel connector)
    * Sennheiser md 421 (x2) (1 white w/ small tuchel connector, one black w/ white clip and diagonal dent on top of screen)
    * Shure sm57 (x2) (1 w/ black tape surrounding base of grill)

    Brian Jonestown Massacre:

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    Re: Gear stolen in NYC!

    OH Man!
    Freakin' PsOS
    I'll be watchin'
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    Re: Gear stolen in NYC!

    That's wack!


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