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I have 3 Strats that have the old "loss of treble" problem when you roll down the volume control. What is an effective way to remedy this? They all have "standard" Strat wiring. 2 of them have 2 Texas Specials and a Dimarzio PAF at the bridge and the other has 2 American Standard singles and a Dimarzio PAF at the bridge, they all have 250k pots also.
i realize this is an old thread but there is a mod offered and shown by stewart mcdonald (stew mac) for a treble boost when turning down the guitar..search their trade secrets section...#182 called "good tone from 0-10; easy clip on mod...http://www.stewmac.com/How-To/Online...ip-on_mod.html i soldered the mod and it works awesome and cheap