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Guitar Terms

Guitar Terms

MiM = Made in Mexico
AmSer = American Series
ASe = American Series
AS = American Standard
MIA - Made in America
CiJ = Crafted in Japan
MiJ = Made in Japan
MiK = Made in Korea
MiC = Made in China
CII = Crafted in Indonesia
CS = Custom Shop
Lester = Les Paul
LP = Les Paul
LPDC = Les Paul Double cutaway
Gibby = Gibson
TFF = The Fender Forum
LPF = Les Paul Forum
GAS = guitar acquisition syndrome
PUP = pickup
JV = Japanese vintage OR Jimmie Vaughan
Rose = Floyd Rose Tremolo
RI = Reissue
FB = Firebird
TB = Thunderbird
DRRI = Deluxe Reverb Reissue
TRRI = Twin Reverb Reissue
52RI = '52 Reissue Telecaster
57RI = 57 Reissue Strat
62RI = 62 Reissue Tele
PB = Precision Bass
SCPB = Split-coil Precision Bass
JB = Jazz Bass
AD = American Deluxe
AV = American Vintage
BF = Black Face Amps
BFDR = Black Face Deluxe Reverb
BFSR = Black Face Super Reverb
CC = Closet Classic
NOS = New Old Stock
HRD = Hot Rod Deluxe
PCB = Printed Circuit Board
PTP = Point-to-point wired chassis
SF = Silver Face
FMT = Figured maple top or Flame maple top
CAR = Candy Apple Red
S/S/S = Single, Single, Single coil
S/S/H = Single, Single, Humbucking
H/H = duel humbuckers
DSPR = Dreaded Swimming Pool Route
57R, 58R, etc. = LP Reissues.
SC = single coil
HB = humbucker
MOP = Mother of Pearl
TRC = Truss Rod Cover
MOTO = Mother of toilet seat
MOP = Mother or Pearle or plastic
P/G = Pick Guard
FR = Floyd Rose
DC = Double Cut
Trem = tremolo
Pots= potentiometers
Caps = capacitors
PRS = Paul Reed Smith Guitars
MF = Musicians Friend
GC = Guitar Center
TOM = Tune-O-Matic
JM = JazzMaster
Jag = Jaguar
VC = Vibro Champ
Tweed = them real old things
Audiophool = tone is in the imagination

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